Such a stunning voice. Like Dusty Springfield singing with Zomby Simon Raymonde Cocteau Twins/Bella Union/Amazing Radio

Eyes Closed Listening

fire_sign proudly presents their debut album, Eyes Closed Listening. 

“This album traces a line between some of our earliest writing (the hazy ballad ‘Essential’) to some of our most ambitious arrangements to date (the cello-led scattered electro of ‘Dirty System’ or the angelic industrial-techno drive of ‘Rewilding’), and even carries echoes of our first single: ‘Sweet Oblivion Interlude.’ It’s been a few years in the making as we decided to (really) take our time with the mix, developing the tracks as far as we could before releasing. 

“Eyes Closed references our wide-ranging influences and explores the various electronic sub-genres we love, producing an album of evolving music you can use to shut out the world for an hour.”

Track Listing

  1. (Eyes Closed)
  2. Taken
  3. 02:47am
  4. True
  5. 08:47pm [Alternate Mix]
  6. Surrender
  7. Dirty System
  8. 05:25pm
  9. Essential
  10. Little Lies
  11. It’s Real
  12. S.O. Interlude
  13. It Matters
  14. 12:36am
  15. Rewilding
  16. (Eyes Open)

Available November 24, 2023. Listen/Buy.