Such a stunning voice. Like Dusty Springfield singing with Zomby Simon Raymonde Cocteau Twins/Bella Union/Amazing Radio

Bronze EP – press release


BRONZE” – cross your heart and hope to live

Available on bandcamp from Saturday 12 September 2020



1 – Bronze

2 – 4.55pm

3 – Cards

4 – Shadow

5 – 8.47pm

6 – Sugar Quay

7 – Shh

8 – Bronze Remix


Such a stunning voice. Like Dusty Springfield singing with Zomby.”

Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union/Amazing Radio)


I’ve just listened to your new songs and what can I say. Wonderful as always and great production.”

Chris Leon (Fresh on the Net)


4am City is proud to release “Bronze,” the poignant new electronica EP from fire_sign.

Using true British musical craftsmanship, the pair create a darkly shimmering world in which smudged beats ricochet ominously against soaring, heart-stirring vocals.

Title track Bronze explores a wish to be made from something else; a material instilled with every quality you lack.

Emboldened by your new non-skin, you feel self-assured and resilient enough to move among people without disappearing into an otherness.

But confronted with a real crowd, the illusion of strength quickly shatters, and you find yourself once again reaching for a trusted escape.

Journey with fire_sign as they flee ‘the people sea’, trip over past hurts, wander through a deserted factory haunted by powerlessness, and find their way out of an impossible romantic entanglement while walking London’s iconic streets.

Let yourself be swept into the comforting embrace of strings built around Sarah’s solo cello as you dry your eyes on a rich sonic tapestry daubed with synths of every colour.

And whatever sad thoughts Bronze brings to your mind, remember – “don’t let them dim your light”.

8-track EP “Bronze” was mastered in Berlin by Calyx and will be digitally released by 4am City on September 12, 2020.

As fire_sign, Sarah Glayzer and Chris Stickland have gigged alongside Rival Consoles, Alex Banks, Justin Robertson, Andy Turner (Plaid), Marconi Union, Danny de Matos (Lisbon Kid), Hejira, Echaskech and Digitonal.

Chris, a trained drummer and pianist leads the production, while Sarah, a trained cellist and pianist, supplies the vocals, cello and lyrics.

fire_sign’s music, which the pair affectionately describe as “doomtronica,” has been remixed by Digitonal, Leigh Morgan and Mr Bristow.

The duo’s work has been playlisted by BBC Introducing: The South, Amazing Radio (Simon Raymonde made an early demo of Bronze Track of the Week), American podcast The Justin Wayne Show, Threnody’s Sub FM radio show, Repeat FM, It Matters Radio, DJ Rusty Egan’s The Electronic Family Tree show, Radio Coolio and local UK radio.

What people are saying about fire_sign:

 “It’s great music.” 

DJ Rusty Egan


Be more into these guys, they’re awesome, absolutely amazing.”

Andy Dobson (Digitonal)
I found your music on Soundcloud, Great stuff!”

Robert Koch (Robot Koch)
Your music is wicked.”

Laurie Osbourne (Appleblim)


Wow that’s some amazing voice you have there. Super amazing. Love it.”

Greg Brimson
“I think your stuff is cool, the production is really strong.”

Samuel Elliot (RØMĀNS)


You have a sweet voice.

Matt Berry


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Make me in bronze and I’ll be beautiful and strong

Make me in wood and I will grow

Make me in stone so I can be my home

And not be lost out there, and not be lost


Entering the people sea

I seek a sanctuary

By plugging into somewhere else

But reality bleeds into me


Make me forget and I’ll have nothing to regret

Make me forgive so I can learn

Make it unreal so I don’t have to feel

How alone I am, how alone


Entering the people sea

I seek a sanctuary

By plugging into somewhere else

But reality bleeds into me

Make me in bronze


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Chris – / +44 (0)7787 775551