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Bleeding EP

British duo fire_sign continue their tradition of fine home-crafted electronica with the release of their new EP “Bleeding,” created in response to the devastating terrorist attacks that erupted across the UK in 2017.

Recorded London, title track “Bleeding” walks in the footprints of 20th-century protest songs, uniting haunting vulnerability with a patient strength rooted in an unassailable belief in the inherent goodness of humanity.

Bleeding’s moving tale unfolds over an ambient drone created from raindrops of piano, guiding the listener from the disruption of a security taken for granted to a hope-filled yearning for peaceful coexistence.

Occasional crackles create a sense of displacement while minimal ticks of percussion, chiseled from a live piano recording, carry the track forward into a purposeful stride.

An emotive and intimate vocal performance expertly conveys the sense of shared pain which flows through the lyrics. Detuned backing vocals, symbolic of the inner strength that can be found in times of adversity, add supporting power to the lead.

“Bandage” follows as an abstract deconstruction of Bleeding’s sorrow, breaking the vocal down into pieces before healing with an ethereal climax.

The 4-track “Bleeding” EP, mastered in Berlin by Calyx, will be released digitally on 22nd November 2019 on the band’s own 4am City label.

Accompanying the release will be a video made from a series of animated drawings by fire_sign based on the original cover art.


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Hand-drawn video to title track Bleeding on YouTube